Sunday, 24 July 2011

Things to Come....???

I have to apologize for being such a bad blogger!! I miss it. I miss writing, and I miss reading and hearing about everyone's life. I miss this world. But with guests, and work, and the first hot days of the year - it's difficult to sit down and write for even five minutes.

My in-laws are still here, and leaving tomorrow. Their company has been wonderful. I finally got a chance to take in some of Nova Scotia from a tourist's point of view. Lunenburg, Pete's Vineyard, Tall Ship Silva, And the food, glorious food, of this wonderful land! My hubby has a very boring palate, so I've got to indulge my cooking fetish with his parents. We've had such things as rhubarb french toast, nectarine and strawberry crisp, chicken chow mein, zucchini/banana bread, and the most glorious wines. It was our anniversary and they bought us three great bottles of french wine. And for those who haven't tried Pete's Ortega wine (in NS) please purchase and bring to lips as soon as possible.

So, as you can see - I haven't been very conscious of what I've been eating (in terms of amounts anyhow) and drinking (amounts again - we've been fairly conscious of the quality!). And as for working out, beyond two runs, and my normal daily 5-10Km walks - I haven't exercised AT ALL! And pleasantly enough, I've only gained about 3 pounds. I'm completely happy/euphoric about that. I feel so lucky!!

Tomorrow is my birthday. The big 3-4. There will be one final celebration, and then I'm back to the grind. I'm going to be super-duper health conscious so I can detoxify and get back to feeling healthy again. And then I've got my Alaskan cruise in September - so it's a date to look at and attempt to do something by.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll be catching up on the blogs shortly!!


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  1. I'm a bad blogger too - sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging and dieting for that matter! Hope you had a fab birthday x