Monday, 1 August 2011

Already August

This summer is blowing by so fast, and I can count the beautiful days (in terms of weather) we've had on two hands. That being said, today is gorgeous outside. And I'm in here on the computer. Why? I just barely get any time these days. Life gets in the way. Work is busy, we had company for three weeks. And now puppies!! Little Basset hound puppies, that take all my free time.

 You'll have to forgive me, but I'm a little obsessed. They are the cutest thing ever, but I feel for all the real mothers out there, and the lack of sleep they get. I'm not complaining, but I haven't slept in 7 days!

However, life is getting back to normal - although won't completely until late September. I'm back at eating healthy, with no 'plan' intact, but managing. I've got a month until my cruise to Alaska, and I want to look hot, and possibly fit into the few 'formal' outfits I have. I'm back at the gym - doing a sort of 'body for life' routine, which encompasses running every other day, and weights in between. That is how I really got into shape to begin with, and that's what I need now. Some stability in the form of a routine. That, accompanied by my normal 5-10km walks daily, and eating properly (with the exception of one 'free meal' a week) and hopefully I'll be down to a happy size by the end of the month. While I won't be the 'waif' I dream of being anytime soon - I'm optimistic that I will at least be comfortable. I'm not that uncomfortable now - after a week of eating somewhat decent and working out again. Nice to be back on track.

Hope all my beautiful bloggers out there are doing well. I'll be catching up today!!


  1. The puppies are very cute - so tiny! I can't believe its August already.

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  3. I am glad to see that you've worked out a routine for yourself that works for you. That is the most important thing in this weight loss journey. The idea is to find something that works and that can become a lifestyle rather than a phase to work which one passes and then moves away from later. I hope your plans are working out and I wish you even memorable and enjoyable journey to Alaska.