Sunday, 10 July 2011

Busy Time of Year

It is so difficult to make time for something that isn't what some people consider COMPLETELY necessary. Like keeping a blog. Work is insane lately, although good, and productive. So many people on vacation, so there is more work to be done. I'm working lots of overtime (less by choice than necessity), and have very little time.

That being said, my in-laws arrived from NZ on Friday. It has been a (wonderful) whirlwind since. The food is somewhat out the window, but have managed to keep meals healthy, and threw in the wine. Smile.

On Friday night, We had (turkey) bacon wrapped scallops and a big salad. Then strawberry shortcake for dessert. Not to bad. And some Chilean Red wine.

Yesterday I made banana pancakes for breakie. Then we went to a movie in the late afternoon, and popcorn was enjoyed, but not too much.
For dinner I made African Peanut Soup, which is absolutely to die for. And very healthy!

Today, I had to sleep in, as I work tonight, so I haven't eaten yet. Not sure what I'll have just yet. Maybe some good old protein! Eggs and Oatbran perhaps? Maybe.

Hope everyone is great and having a wonderful weekend!! I'll check back in when I can!

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  1. Glad you posted an update! Was wondering how you were doing, and it sounds like you've extremely busy but are having a great time with your in-laws... :)